I started making my own laundry powder about a year ago and this is one I got from a permaculture friend of mine, Julie Gunderlach from Living Change.

This is a great way to introduce oven free cooking, science and measuring learning experiences to children, either at home or in early childhood settings and the wonderful by-product is clean cleaning for all your laundry and healthier oceans for our marine life.

The ingredients list include;
Washing soda
Bicarbonate of soda
Pure soap (bar)
Essential oils

Equipment you will need;
Mixing bowl


Measure 1 cup of washing soda and place in mixing bowl.

Measure 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda and place in mixing bowl

Grate a 250 gram bar of pure soap.

Mix altogether.

Add 8-12 drops of essential oil ( I used peppermint this time).

I find the powder dissolves better if I wizz in my bullet.

You can see the difference in texture. The finer granules dissolve better. I find this mix also works better in warm wash but in the warmer months the powder actually does dissolve in cold water.

Use a ¼ cup for each wash. Makes 600grams.

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