I stopped taking probiotics some years ago when I discovered the health benefits of raw apple cider vinegar and fermented foods. Being of Italian-Austraian heritage, my father often served up plates of sauerkraut during my childhood. I loved its tart flavour, but home made versions are nothing like the canned varieties you’ll find n the supermarket chain stores. Fermented foods are good for the immune system and gut, and I take raw apple cider each morning. Here is a really simple way to pickle cabbage, and create your own fermented food.


I’ve used red cabbage this time but you can use white or a combination of both. You’ll need a chopping board and knife, a glass jar with a seal, a cabbage and salt, table salt will suffice, no need to use an expensive salt.


Slice your cabbage across the grain, I prefer thin but make it to suit your preference.

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Layer the sliced cabbage and salt in the jar. Ensure you use enough salt in between the layers of cabbage. The first time I made this I skimmed on the sale and mould formed after a week or so and I had to throw it in the compost bin.

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In between each layer of sale and cabbage press the mixture down with a flat spoon or if you have a flat ended rolling pin that would also do the job.


Continue until you fill the jar, finish with a final splash of salt and give it one final press with the wooden spoon and seal jar.


For the 5 days, once a day open the jar and press the contents down. The object of this exercise is to press the cabbage below the surface of the liquid forming. The salt is drawing out the moisture from the cabbage.


This is 1 day in.


This is 3 days in. Just keep pressing down the mix each day for 5 days and you’ll end up with a perfect preserved cabbage. Next time you can experiment with different herbs and spices. Personally I love this with fresh fennel or fennel seed.


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