Backyard In A Box assist those at early stages of learning to understand the benefits of eco practices.  There’s never a better place to start!

Pre-schoolers can now take joy in putting their sustainability learnings to practice with full learning packages and resources supplied by Backyard In A Box.   Our program themed boxes teach children respect and empathy for living things and responsibility with their care routines from recycling to composting.

You also have the opportunity to become an accredited Eco-Preschool by running a Backyard In A Box Program!  Read more about Eco-Preschools below.

Take A Look Inside Our Program Themed Boxes

What are Eco-Preschools?

Intentional teaching and play-based learning frame all Eco Preschool lessons. Prior to implementing any lesson staff consider the environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs and identities of their learners and themselves.  This is one key difference in modern teaching and learning pedagogy.  For the first time, self assessment has become a mandatory feature of the teaching and learning cycle.

Another significant change in early childhood education is the notion of outcomes based assessment.  This enables us as educators to assess students and ourselves.  The Early Years Learning Framework enables us to track our own performance and effectiveness in terms of learning environments, relationships, partnerships, equity and so forth.

The traditional face of early childhood is undergoing huge transformation. History teaches us that some of these approaches will be useful and successful, while others will prove themselves oenerous and unworkable.

This is a natural process inherent in improving practice.  Ecopreschools supports these changes because processes such as these will assist Australian early childhood education keep pace with the rest of the developed world.

Ecopreschools has developed its own educational program Backyard in a Box which contains 5 learning modules which enables children and families to become environmental citizens.

Become an Eco-Preschool

By joining the EcoPreschools Program you will become a part of the EcoPreschools Community. Each module includes a 1 Year Annual Membership to the EcoPreschools Community Program and includes:

  • Phone / email support
  • Unlimited access to online forum
  • Invitation to EcoPreschools Annual Seminar featuring sustainable learning success stories, keynote insights from global innovators and celebration of EcoPreschool of the  Year Award
  • Ecopreschools

Certified Member

Reaching for the Stars EcoPreschools is committed to developing sustainable learning practices for Australia by encouraging the adoption of the BYIAB program. The goal of the Backyard in a Box series is to promote sustainable learning initiatives and for Preschools, Australia wide, to adopt an EcoPreschools Accreditation Star Rating. By adopting the BYIAB program, Members receive an endorsed EcoPreschools Accreditation Star that can be used on all signage, marketing and promotional material in conjunction with a current Community Membership. When your centre joins as an EcoPreschool Member you gain access to:

  • Competitive Advantage Demonstrate your Eco Credentials and commitment to the industry, parents and the wider community.
  • Networking Access industry leaders and other EcoPreschools’ community members.
  • Advocacy EcoPreschools is an active and powerful voice within industry and government.
  • Information Access to forums and eNewsletters.

Small Green Steps

Small Green Steps is an online sustainability program that has been developed by Sustainable Directions specifically for the early childhood education and care sector.

The program will provide all you need to comply with the sustainability objectives contained in the National Quality Framework i.e.

3.3. The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future.

3.3.1 Sustainable practices are embedded in service operations

3.3.2 Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.
The SMALL GREEN STEPS provides you with:

  • Six self paced learning modules
  • A Carbon Footprint Calculator
  • An Environmental Policy Creator
  • A Sustainability Action Plan
  • Australian child care case studies
  • Energy saving and waste management tips
  • Links to useful websites, e-books and videos
  • Use of the Small Green Steps logo
  • A Small Green Steps certificate (4 levels to strive for)
  • Email support and regular updates for 12 months.

The self paced learning modules cover:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Change Management
  3. Energy & Water Management
  4. Waste Management
  5. Green Policies
  6. Enviro Activities for Kids20% discount for Backyard in a Box