As a teacher, you have the responsibility to provide the best learning environment for your students.  Sustainability is now an essential part of the classroom but knowing what way to teach can be tricky.

That’s where we come in!  Our products have all been designed to guide teachers on the learning path in easy to follow course chapters and engaging content.  The programs have proven to be fun for students and with real life equipment included, you get to watch the joy of seeing your students put their learning into practice!

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey as an educator, Backyard In A Box programmes will absolutely help you to connect your children with nature.  Download the Educator Info Pack

This resource will give you a detailed overview on how to use the resources to successfully satisfy all Quality Areas.

Key benefits for teachers:

  • Allows for continual up-skilling of staff even in the face of staff turn over
  • Supports transparent, shared management of sustainability processes. A systems-dependent rather than people-dependant approach
  • Helps staff move beyond ‘Random Acts of Environmental Kindness’, actively closing the sustainability knowledge gap; building capacity
  • Is a Training Resource mapped to the National Training Package and is therefore eligible under the Long Day Care Professional Development Fund


Take A Look Inside Our Program Themed Boxes

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