Animals 2


Series includes Guinea Pigs and Chickens.

Equipment does not include live guinea pigs and chickens.

NOTE: when purchasing the package, program box & equipment are sent as seperate orders.


What's In The Program Boxes?

Simple Sustainability Starters contains a complete educational and staff professional development program, and meets your compliance requirements. The instructional DVD’s and manuals are succinct, and with the care and wellbeing charts for your animals included you will immediately build capacity in environmental sustainability and opens up opportunities for further growth in social and economic sustainability.

What's In The Equipment?

Guinea Pigs Equipment – box 1

  1. 1 x 1040 x 920mm Guinea Pig Enclosure
  2. 1 x 1L Water Tube
  3. 1 x Feed Scoop
  4. 1 x Feed Bowl
  5. 1 x 2.6kg Guinea Pig Pellets
  6. 1 x Dust Mask – 10 pack
  7. 1 x Dust Pan & Brush
  8. 1 x Bucket
  9. 1 x Grooming Brush
  10. 1 x 50L Feed Storage Container
  11. 1 x 12kg Bale of Mulch
  12. 1 x Guinea Pig Crate

Chicken’s Equipment – box 2

  1. 1 x 1040 x 1410mm Chicken Coop
  2. 1 x 12kg Bale of Mulch
  3. 1 x 4L Chook Feeder
  4. 1 x L Chook Waterer
  5. 1 x Feed Scoop
  6. 1 x 2.75kg Chicken Pellets
  7. 1 x 12kg Feed Storage Container
  8. 1 x Bucket
  9. 1 x 950g Dusting Powder
  10. 1 x 500ml Spray Bottle

What's In The Package?

Learn to care for other living creatures, guinea pigs and chickens – it is a selfless act and a reminder about the importance of self love.

This 2 box program includes the program boxes and equipment for the guinea pigs and chickens boxes.


Package (Program Box & Equipment), Program Box Only, Equipment Only

Education Level

Preschool, Primary School, High School

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