Contempo – 7 Themed Boxes


7 themed boxes for $999 + shipping.


This 7 box program includes all the information needed for you to embed sustainability in a multitude of ways, and create diversity within your early education on environmental sustainability. With something for everyone you really will have 7 star sustainability embedded into your service practice!

The 7 themed boxes are:

  1. Resource Recycling
  2. Worm Farming
  3. Composting
  4. Organic Gardening
  5. Water Recycling
  6. Living Skills (launching September 2017)
  7. Native Grasses (launching January 2018)

These 7 sustainability solutions contain a complete and compliant educational and staff professional development program. The succinct instructional DVDs and manuals, as well as the care and well being charts, readers and provocations will ensure you immediately build capacity in environmental sustainability and open up opportunities for further growth in social and economic sustainability.


Package (Program Box & Equipment), Program Box Only, Equipment Only

Education Level

Preschool, Primary School, High School