Cycles of Life – Dip you sustainability toe in the water


Series includes Resource Recycling, Composting & Water Recycling.

NOTE: when purchasing the package, program box and equipment are sent as seperate orders.


What's In The Program Boxes?

Simple sustainability starters contains a complete educational and staff professional development program, and meets your compliance requirements. The instructional DVD’s and manuals are succinct, and with the care and wellbeing charts for your animals included you will immediately build capacity in environmental sustainability and opens up opportunities for further growth in social and economic sustainability.

What's In The Equipment?

Resource Recycling Equipment – box 1

  1. 3 x 30Lt (2 x 15L) Stainless Steel Sectioned Bins
  2. 2 x Buckets
  3. 5 x Kids Gloves
  4. 2 x Adults Gloves

Composting Equipment – box 2

  1. 1 x 220L Compost Bin
  2. 1 x Compost Stirrer
  3. 1 x 5L Watering can
  4. 1 x Hessian Length
  5. 1 x 1kg Compost Starter

Water Recycling Equipment – box 3

  1. 3 x 250ml Measuring Cup
  2. 2 x Bucket
  3. 1 x Tall Jug
  4. 190L Mini Rainwater Tank
  5. 1 x Rainwater Tank Stand
  6. 1 x 100x75mm “rainwater do not drink” Tank Signage
  7. 1 x Water Storage Tank Diverter

What's In The Package?

This 3 box package includes everything you’ll need and allows you to dip your (sustainability) toe in the water where you and your students will be active participants in the creation of cyclic waste streams. Learn first-hand how linear waste streams see waste dumped into landfill where it provides no good benefit to society, and the benefits of closed loop recycling. Don’t be fooled into thinking recycling is easy. Its simple but it’s not easy! Recycling can be one dimensional but this program will push you towards new understandings about social, economic and environmental sustainability, and plant good seeds for long-term sustainability in the young minds of your students.


Package (Program Box & Equipment), Program Box Only, Equipment Only

Education Level

Preschool, Primary School, High School