C&K Magnetic Island Early Childhood Centre has been using the Backyard in a Box program for almost two years and we thought we’d check in with Director Lana Flynn Collier, educators Hailey Wetzel and Naomi Ravkin and the rest of the team to see just how effective these sustainability hacks are to children, staff and families on the island.

Lana purchased the full series because she wanted to incorporate more sustainability into the kindy program.















“We particularly like the provocation and vocabulary cards and we have introduced them into our program. The children’s absolute favourite is the Worm Farming Resource Box.”















The C&K Magnetic Island team is really attracted to the concept of social sustainability and the need to acknowledge that some countries are First World (Developed) and others are Fourth World (Developing) nations. The Worm Farming Box enables children to explore different ways of being and develop an appreciation of cultural diversity where educators and children have conversations about the different ways people live and the reasons for this. Some of the reasons are fairly high level which is why it is so important to introduce these concepts gradually, and in age-appropriate ways.  According to C&K Educator Hailey the Worm Farming Box helps to deliver these concepts in the kindy program.















“We read through the resources and find the ones we want to use. The more you familiarise yourself with the resources the more useful they become in your teaching and learning. The children really love the worm farm counting cards. We also use the learning experiences in our observations and children’s learning journals. We literally photocopy and highlight the relevant Early Years Learning Framework sections for each child and it’s as easy as that! The parents love being able to open up their child’s journal to see the learning that’s taken place and understand their child’s experience”

Director Lana is excited about the release of the upcoming Native Stingless Bee Box and wants to see resources with bee body parts, visual cards and be able to talk to children and families about where the bees are sourced from, as well as the importance of bees in sustainable gardening.

If you like to know more about the Backyard Collective resource options visit Backyard in a Box. Purchase resources here.  Or take advantage of our special 7 Box offer. The entire series for $999. Limited time only! Yes I want to Buy Now.


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