Professional Development Training

Do you want to up skill your staff in sustainability? Do you want staff to meet their National Quality Standard training requirements? Do you want your centre to meet QA3? 

Backyard in a Box Professional Development and Training will do all this and more!

What we offer:

Normally delivered 6pm to 8pm, this two hour session consists of a short ‘unboxing’ component where our specialised sustainability trainer goes through what and how to get the best out of the boxes and equipment. We do an overview of what sustainability is (broadly and personally for your staff) and finally workshop specific projects you want to initiate in your centre, based on specific needs of the centre physically, staff, parents and children – so, your community. You will come out of the session with sustainability direction and purpose and with 3 to 7 sustainability projects. It is the most effective session for implementing change because the staff themselves develop and implement the project, and because it is their idea, they take ownership of it more readily which makes for a more successful project. If you have a parent committee or representative, you may want to consider inviting them along to do the session also.

We deliver sustainability training on all topics. We focus on social sustainability, cultural sustainability, particular aspects of environmental sustainability such as cyclic waste streams (compost, worm farming, recycling) plastic free centres and home, living skills etc. The list is endless, but we found the workshop that works best for centre based EEC is one where the staff are given a broad overview of sustainability then an opportunity to develop a project they can implement in their room. It is less theoretical and more practical which is what you need when working with children – providing them with experiences. Learning by doing. Plus they have an opportunity to workshop with peers – the known quantities.

The session is charged at $800 (travel charges apply outside of Metro Sydney) and also includes post training and 4 months support service which will assist with the role out and successful implementation of the sustainability project(s).

This package has been created to mentor directors and assist them to determine the professional development needed to improve the quality of their service.


Book now by calling Kiri on 02 9452 2515 or 0422 199 899, or contact us now for further information.

Why invest in professional development?

An investment in professional development, as well as being required under the National Quality Standard, has a range of benefits for education and care services. Professional Development allows for the;

  • Development of staff potential,
  • Achievement of personal and workplace goals
  • Significant positive impact on staff retention
  • Maintenance and improvement of professional competence by keeping abreast of new technology, theory, requirements and practice
  • Staff and service providers to be confident in their ability to comply with professional regulatory obligations
  • Contribution towards increased value and respect for sector professionalism

Who should undertake professional development?

Everyone needs to be involved in professional growth. Some learning will be by personal choice and some as required by the profession and or the workplace.

Other Products and Services

At Backyard in a Box we’re passionate about teaching Sustainability to the next generation. And the best way we’ve found to achieve this is by educating the educators. Our classroom resources are mapped to the National Quality Standards and have been built to make introducing Sustainability into your educational curriculum easy.

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