About Us

Backyard In A Box combines our founder's love for nature and the goal of promoting sustainability with the help of digital products. 

Our founder's childhood spent in nature drives our team to create solutions that help people, families, and businesses make eco-friendly choices and lessen their impact on Earth.

We believe that being sustainable is important for a better future for us and the next generations. Our founder's experience and knowledge of nature guide us in making digital products that encourage sustainable living and help our customers shrink their environmental footprint.

We know that understanding sustainability can be hard, and it's tough to know where to begin. That's why our products, starting with the idea of Backyard in a Box, are made to be easy to use and welcoming. Our solutions help anyone make green choices and take steps to protect our planet.

Our team is always working to stay ahead and keep making new products that support sustainability. From Earth-friendly apps to digital tools for making workspaces greener, we want to make a positive change and pass on the knowledge we've learned from the past.

Thank you for thinking about choosing our company for your digital sustainability needs. We're excited to work with you and make a greener future for everyone.

Our digital products now include:

  1. Digital tools to help make workspaces greener
  2. Guides and resources about sustainable living, based on the Backyard in a Box idea
  3. Digital learning materials about sustainability
  4. Tools for measuring your carbon footprint and checking how green you are
  5. Hands-on projects for families to learn about sustainability at home