Covered by Long Day Care Approved Funding

Backyard in a Box is a teaching and learning resource that enables educators to easily implement programs to support sustainable practice. With over 120 learning experiences and extensions mapped to the EYLF, BBB and NQF, we strive to connect educators and students with the common goal – to learn and practice sustainability.

Our program assists with:

  • Developing centre Policies and Procedures
  • Refining Daily Routines to reflect sustainability processes
  • Staff orientation and induction
  • Classroom programming
  • Family and community engagement, an
  • Observations and reporting for children.

Backyard in a Box is utilised in hundreds of centres across Australia and New Zealand.

Get the resources only or add the equipment. ALL resources AND equipment are Long Day Care Funding Approved, which makes it FREE to eligible services. The funding expires on the 30th of June 2017.

The full series is currently on special for $999.00 (valued at $2,433) plus shipping & handling ($179.00). It provides everything required to embed 7 star sustainability into your service practice.

View our individual boxed resources in our shop.

We have equipment available too:

Resource Recycling $290
Worm Farming $225
Composting $210
Guinea Pigs $395
Chickens $827
Organic Gardening $450
Water Recycling $325

Did you know we also provide Professional Development?

Normally delivered 6am to 8pm, this two hour session consists of a short ‘unboxing’ component where our specialised sustainability Trainer goes through what and how to get the best out of the boxes and equipment. We do an overview of what sustainability is (broadly and personally for your staff) and finally workshop specific projects you want to initiate in your centre, based on specific needs of the centre physically, staff, parents and children – so, your community. You will come out of the session with sustainability direction and purpose and with 3 to 7 sustainability projects. It is the most effective session for implementing change because the staff themselves develop and implement the project, and because it is their idea, they take ownership of it more readily which makes for a more successful project. If you have a parent committee or representative, you may want to consider inviting them along to do the session also.

We deliver sustainability training on all topics. We focus on social sustainability, cultural sustainability, particular aspects of environmental sustainability such as cyclic waste streams (compost, worm farming, recycling) plastic free centres and home, living skills etc. The list is endless, but we found the workshop that works best for centre based EEC is one where the staff are given a broad overview of sustainability then an opportunity to develop a project they can implement in their room. It is less theoretical and more practical which is what you need when working with children – providing them with experiences. Learning by doing. Plus they have an opportunity to workshop with peers – the known quantities.

The session is charged at $1,200 (travel charges apply outside of Metro Sydney) and also includes post training and 4 months support service which will assist with the role out and successful implementation of the sustainability project(s).

Professional Development is also covered by the long day care approved funding. Book now by calling Kiri on 02 9452 2515 or 0422 199 899.

The team at The Backyard Collective are excited for you to start your sustainability journey and we are here to help you along the way!