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Chicken Care Flashcards

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Elevate your child’s urban chicken keeping knowledge with ‘The Urban Chicken Care Flashcards.’

Achieve a clean coop, healthy flock, and eco-conscious living in one handy tool. Inspire sustainability and nurture your children’s love for nature.

Order now for a brighter, greener future!

Learning outcomes are vital for teachers, as they provide a roadmap for creating targeted and effective learning resources, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students.

To see the Learning Outcomes for this resource click on the Learning Outcome tab below.

Discover ‘The Urban Chicken Care Flashcards: Your Ultimate Guide to a Clean Coop and Thriving Flock.’

If you’re an urban chicken keeper with a passion for your feathered companions and the environment, these flashcards are a must-have addition to your coop.

  • Elevate Your Coop: Unleash the secrets of expert coop cleaning, health checks, and more to create a pristine and safe home for your chickens.
  • Sustainable Living: These flashcards aren’t just about caring for chickens; they embody sustainability. Learn eco-friendly practices that benefit both your flock and the planet.
  • Empower Your Kids: Educate your children about responsible chicken keeping and environmental stewardship. Spark their curiosity and inspire a love for nature.
  • Global Impact: By reducing your chicken coop’s carbon footprint, you’re contributing to a healthier planet. Every small action counts.
  • Visual and Engaging: These full-color flashcards are visually stunning, making learning a joy for both kids and adults.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to nurture a clean, eco-conscious coop and educate the next generation of environmental champions. ‘The Urban Chicken Care Flashcards’ are your path to sustainable chicken keeping and a greener world. Order now and take the first step toward a healthier, happier flock and planet!





Learning Outcomes


Basic Chicken Care Knowledge: Participants will acquire a solid understanding of the essentials of caring for backyard chickens, including feeding, shelter, and healthcare.

Animal Welfare Awareness: Foster a sense of responsibility and empathy for the well-being of chickens, promoting humane treatment.

Health and Hygiene Practices: Teach participants about maintaining a clean and healthy environment for their chickens to prevent diseases and ensure their longevity.

Egg Production Education: Provide insights into egg production, including factors affecting egg quality and quantity.

Sustainability: Emphasize sustainable practices in chicken care, such as composting chicken waste or using chickens for pest control, to reduce environmental impact.

Problem-Solving Skills: Encourage problem-solving as participants learn to identify and address common issues that arise when caring for chickens, like mites or dietary problems.

Community Building: Promote connections among chicken enthusiasts by encouraging participants to share experiences and tips, fostering a sense of community.

Gardening and Agriculture: Explore the relationship between chicken care and gardening or agriculture, as chickens can be beneficial for fertilizing soil and controlling pests in gardens.

Budgeting and Resource Management: Teach participants how to manage resources effectively when it comes to chicken care, including budgeting for feed and supplies.

Regulatory Knowledge: Depending on the location, participants may need to understand local regulations and guidelines related to keeping backyard chickens.

These outcomes will empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful and ethical backyard chicken keeping.

These outcomes can be adapted and expanded upon based on the specific intent and goals.

Feel free to let to contact us if you need more detailed information or guidance on any of these points.

6 reviews for Chicken Care Flashcards

  1. Michael Bailey (verified owner)

    The learning outcomes are amazing. I saw my kids’ attitudes change before my eyes

  2. Isabella Coolin (verified owner)

    Well-designed and informative.

  3. Sonja Wei (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with these flashcards. They’ve made caring for our urban chickens so much easier and enjoyable.

  4. Priya Swatharisha (verified owner)

    Exceptionally clever Flash cards. Easy to understand and effective.

  5. Rina (verified owner)

    I love these flashcards! They’re informative, colorful, and a great tool for ensuring our give the chickens the right care & nutrition.
    My flash cards were included in the Ultimate Chicken Bundle. It’s got all the chicken theme resources and they throw in the Literacy and Numeracy pack too.

  6. Ella B (verified owner)

    Good introduction to caring for chickens. My kids trotted me through our chicken coop just to show me how they’d copied the flashcards. Brilliant!!

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A teacher's dream! Backyard In A Box Teaching Resources made selecting the perfect urban chicken breed a breeze, leading to successful and engaging lessons for my students. A true educational gem!

 Laura Parker - Pre-school Owner