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Chicken Feeding Flashcards

(8 customer reviews)


Educate and inspire your family with ‘The Backyard Chicken Feeding Flashcards.’

Instill sustainability values in your children through engaging, eco-friendly feeding.

Join a community of like-minded parents dedicated to a greener future.

Order today and nurture responsible global citizens!

Learning outcomes are vital for teachers, as they provide a roadmap for creating targeted and effective learning resources, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students.

To see the Learning Outcomes for this resource click on the Learning Outcome tab below.

Introducing ‘The Backyard Chicken Feeding Flashcards: A Sustainable Learning Adventure for Your Eco-Conscious Family.’

Like you, we understand your burning desire to nurture your children’s love for the environment and sustainability. That’s why we’ve created these special flashcards with your family in mind.

These flashcards are not just about feeding your feathered friends; they’re a gateway to a sustainable world. With a unique traffic light system, they teach your children not only what to feed but why it matters. It’s a hands-on experience that instills values of responsibility, compassion, and a deep connection to nature.

Imagine the delight in your children’s eyes as they learn to make eco-friendly choices, reduce their carbon footprint, and care for the planet they love. With our flashcards, every feeding becomes an opportunity to inspire a lifelong commitment to sustainability.

You’re not alone on this journey. Join a community of like-minded parents who share your passion for eco-conscious living. Together, we can raise responsible global citizens who will carry the torch of sustainability into the future.

Order your copy of ‘The Backyard Chicken Feeding Flashcards’ today, and let’s embark on this sustainable adventure together. With love and dedication to a greener world, you, your children, and countless others will make a brighter, more sustainable future a reality.

Learning Outcomes


Here are some potential learning outcomes and benefits:

Vocabulary Building: Flashcards can introduce young learners to new words and terms related to chickens, such as “coop,” “rooster,” “hen,” and “cluck.”

Visual Recognition: Flashcards with images of chickens, chicken breeds, and chicken-related items can help children recognize and remember these visual cues.

Basic Facts: Flashcards can present basic facts about chickens, such as their habitat, diet, and life cycle, in a simple and easy-to-digest format.

Interactive Learning: Flashcards encourage interactive learning as children can use them to quiz themselves or play memory games with others.

Early Science Education: Introducing children to the biology of chickens, including their anatomy and reproductive process, can foster an early interest in science.

Responsibility and Care: Flashcards can include simple tips on how to care for backyard chickens, teaching children about responsibility and empathy for animals.

Sustainability Awareness: Flashcards can incorporate messages about the importance of sustainable practices in chicken care and its positive impact on the environment.

Parent-Child Interaction: Parents can use these flashcards as a tool to engage with their children, making learning about chickens a family activity.

Critical Thinking: You can design flashcards with questions or scenarios that encourage children to think critically about chicken-related topics.

Fun Learning: Flashcards can make learning about chickens enjoyable for children, sparking their curiosity and enthusiasm for nature and animals.

These outcomes will empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful and ethical backyard chicken care.

These outcomes can be adapted and expanded upon based on the specific intent and goals.

Feel free to let to contact us if you need more detailed information or guidance on any of these points.

8 reviews for Chicken Feeding Flashcards

  1. Michael Bailey (verified owner)

    The learning outcomes are amazing. I saw my kids’ attitudes change before my eyes

  2. Isabella Coolin (verified owner)

    Well-designed and informative.

  3. Sonja Wei (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with these flashcards. They’ve made caring for our urban chickens so much easier and enjoyable.

  4. Priya Swatharisha (verified owner)

    Exceptionally clever Flash cards. Easy to understand and effective.

  5. Rina (verified owner)

    I love these flashcards! They’re informative, colorful, and a great tool for ensuring our give the chickens the right care & nutrition.
    My flash cards were included in the Ultimate Chicken Bundle. It’s got all the chicken theme resources and they throw in the Literacy and Numeracy pack too.

  6. Ella B (verified owner)

    Good introduction to chicken feeding.

  7. Ella B (verified owner)

    Good introduction to caring for chickens. My kids trotted me through our chicken coop just to show me how they’d copied the flashcards. Brilliant!!

  8. Audrey Grubisich (verified owner)

    Helped me teach my kids about chickens. Highly recommend. good images too.

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A teacher's dream! Backyard In A Box Teaching Resources made selecting the perfect urban chicken breed a breeze, leading to successful and engaging lessons for my students. A true educational gem!

 Laura Parker - Pre-school Owner