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Choosing the Perfect Flock Of Chickens: An Urban Chicken Breeds Guide

(8 customer reviews)


Educate your children about sustainability with our comprehensive guide.

Empower them to become eco-conscious leaders.

Discover 40 vibrant urban chicken breeds and a gateway to sustainable living.

Teach empathy, compassion, and responsibility for our planet.

Join a passionate community and start your family’s sustainable journey today!

To see the Learning Outcomes for this resource click on the Learning Outcome tab below.

Unlock Choosing the Perfect Flock Of Chickens: An Urban Chicken Breeds Guide

Discover a World of Sustainable Learning for Your Children!

Are you, like me, driven by a burning desire to empower your kids with the knowledge and values of sustainability? Look no further! Our meticulously crafted resource is here to light the path towards responsible global citizenship.

Imagine equipping your children with the tools to become eco-conscious leaders of tomorrow. Our full-color guide features 40 vibrant and diverse urban chicken breeds, providing essential information for your flock’s well-being. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a gateway to a sustainable lifestyle that transcends the backyard.

With considerations for urban environments, lifestyle preferences, egg production, and meat qualities, our guide is your ultimate resource for selecting the perfect flock of chickens. It’s more than a duty; it’s a profound longing to instill a love and respect for our planet, a commitment to reducing carbon footprints, and a genuine care for the environment.

Let your children marvel at the beauty of a pristine forest, feel wonder as they witness dolphins leaping from the ocean, and appreciate the delicate balance of ecosystems. Our guide doesn’t just teach facts and figures; it nurtures curiosity and ignites a passion for the natural world.

Sustainability isn’t just about recycling and conserving energy; it’s about empathy, compassion, and a deep connection to all living beings. It’s about developing a sense of responsibility for the Earth and its inhabitants, human and non-human alike.

Join me on this transformative journey, where discussions about sustainability are as natural as breathing. Our guide is the key to making sustainability a way of life, not just a topic in school.

But, we understand your concerns. That’s why our guide is more than a resource; it’s a community. Connect with like-minded parents, teachers, and mentors who share your passion. Together, we can create a village that values sustainability and works towards a greener future.

Don’t wait; start your family’s sustainable journey today. Let your children carry the torch of sustainability forward with the same passion and dedication that burns within you. Together, we can promise them a brighter, greener future!

Learning Outcomes


Understanding Sustainability: Participants will gain a foundational understanding of sustainability concepts, particularly in the context of poultry farming.

Environmental Awareness: Learners will become more aware of the environmental impact of chicken farming and how it relates to sustainability.

Animal Welfare: Participants can learn about ethical and humane treatment of chickens, fostering empathy for animals.

Critical Thinking: Your blog can encourage critical thinking skills as readers analyze and evaluate different chicken breeds and their suitability for various situations.

Math Skills: Depending on the blog’s content, participants might engage in math-related learning, such as calculating costs, food requirements, or space needed for different chicken breeds.

Decision-Making: Encourage decision-making skills by presenting scenarios where participants have to choose the best chicken breeds based on specific criteria.

Research Skills: Encourage participants to research and gather information about different chicken breeds, habitats, and sustainability practices.

Communication Skills: Foster effective communication by prompting readers to discuss and share their thoughts on sustainability and chicken farming.

Life Skills: Teach practical skills related to raising chickens, such as coop design, feeding, and care, which can be valuable for sustainable living.

Empowerment: Instill a sense of empowerment in participants by showing them how their choices can contribute to a more sustainable future.

These outcomes can be adapted and expanded upon based on the specific intent and goals.

Feel free to let to contact us if you need more detailed information or guidance on any of these points.

8 reviews for Choosing the Perfect Flock Of Chickens: An Urban Chicken Breeds Guide

  1. Sophia J (verified owner)

    Great for kids and adults, lots of info.

  2. Jose Carva (verified owner)

    This resource is a gem! It’s been a valuable asset in helping me choose the right chickens for my urban home.

  3. Layla W. (verified owner)

    Decent guide, but I wish it had more practical tips for beginners. It’s okay, not mind-blowing.

  4. Michael Bailey (verified owner)

    The learning outcomes are amazing. I saw my kids’ attitudes change before my eyes

  5. Isabella Coolin (verified owner)

    Well-designed and informative.

  6. Omero Combi

    This made the start of my kids’ chicken journey so easy. Very informative!

  7. Aisha Khan (verified owner)

    I found the information in this book quite valuable for selecting the right chickens for my backyard. Good resource!

  8. Sharaya Cross (verified owner)

    Quite comprehensive and easy to understand. Worth the cost just to get the right breed.

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A teacher's dream! Backyard In A Box Teaching Resources made selecting the perfect urban chicken breed a breeze, leading to successful and engaging lessons for my students. A true educational gem!

 Laura Parker - Pre-school Owner