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Literacy and Numeracy Pack

(10 customer reviews)


Sustainability Learning Pack for Kids

Empower your child’s future with our Sustainability Literacy and Numeracy Pack!

Ages 2-8 can master the alphabet while discovering eco-consciousness.

From A to Z, each letter introduces sustainability concepts like recycling and composting.

Plus, count to 20 with eco-friendly numbers.

Foster a love for our planet and responsible global citizenship.

Join a community of change-makers. Invest in a brighter, greener future today!

Learning outcomes are vital for teachers, as they provide a roadmap for creating targeted and effective learning resources, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students.

To see the Learning Outcomes for this resource click on the Learning Outcome tab below.

Introducing our Sustainability Literacy and Numeracy Resource Pack – the perfect gateway to a brighter, greener future for your little ones!

For Ages 2-8 Years

What’s Inside?

Alphabet Mastery: Watch your child’s eyes light up as they embark on an exciting journey through the alphabet. Each letter comes to life with captivating illustrations and engaging activities. But here’s the twist – every letter is paired with a sustainability-themed word! From “R for Recycling” to “C for Composting,” your child not only learns to read and write but also becomes an eco-hero in the making.

Counting with a Purpose: Make numeracy meaningful with our resource pack. From 1 to 20, your child will explore numbers through the lens of sustainability. They’ll count along with eco-friendly objects and discover the beauty of patterns and basic arithmetic, all while fostering an eco-conscious mindset.

Why Choose Our Resource Pack?

Empower Your Child: Equip your child with the knowledge and values they need to become responsible global citizens. They’ll understand how their choices impact the world around them, empowering them to make positive changes from a young age.

A Deeper Connection: Our pack goes beyond facts and figures – it nurtures a profound connection to the natural world. Your child will marvel at the wonders of nature, fostering empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility for our planet and its inhabitants.

Community of Change-Makers: Join a like-minded community of parents, teachers, and mentors who share your passion for sustainability. Together, we can create a supportive environment where discussions about sustainability are as natural as breathing.

A Brighter, Greener Future: With every purchase, you’re investing in your child’s future and the future of our planet. By gifting them the gift of education and sustainability, you’re helping to shape a brighter, greener world.

Don’t wait! Take the first step towards a sustainable future for your child. Order our Sustainability Literacy and Numeracy Resource Pack today and watch them grow into compassionate, environmentally-conscious global citizens.

Learning Outcomes


Here are 10 potential learning outcomes for the Sustainability Literacy and Numeracy Resource Pack:

Alphabet Mastery: Children will develop the ability to recognize and write each letter of the alphabet through engaging activities and colorful illustrations.

Environmental Vocabulary: Learners will acquire a rich vocabulary related to sustainability as each letter is associated with a sustainability-themed word (e.g., “R” for recycling, “W” for worm farming).

Numeracy Skills: Children will practice counting from 1 to 20 using illustrations and objects related to sustainability, fostering early numeracy skills.

Number Recognition: Students will become proficient in recognizing numbers from 0 to 20, an essential numeracy skill.

Patterns Recognition: Learners will identify and create patterns using numbers and objects, enhancing their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Basic Arithmetic Operations: Children will gain exposure to basic arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction through sustainability-themed activities.

Eco-Consciousness: The resource pack will instill an appreciation for eco-consciousness and sustainability at a young age.

Cross-Disciplinary Learning: Students will integrate literacy and numeracy skills with sustainability concepts, promoting interdisciplinary learning.

Parental Engagement: Parents will actively participate in their child’s learning process, fostering discussions and activities that promote responsible environmental decision-making.

Global Citizenship: Through sustainability education, children will develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment, nurturing them to become compassionate and environmentally conscious global citizens.

This resource pack not only supports foundational literacy and numeracy skills but also introduces young learners to important sustainability concepts, promoting a holistic approach to education and environmental awareness.

These outcomes can be adapted and expanded upon based on the specific intent and goals.

Feel free to let to contact us if you need more detailed information or guidance on any of these points.

10 reviews for Literacy and Numeracy Pack

  1. Peta dawson (verified owner)

    I have to say that it’s more than just a learning resource; it’s a tool for nurturing young minds to become responsible and environmentally conscious global citizens.

  2. Jane Hauffman (verified owner)

    An invaluable resource for parents and educators. It has fostered both sustainability awareness and core skills in my children

  3. George Illari (verified owner)

    The Sustainability Literacy and Numeracy Pack is excellent. My children have responded wonderfully.

  4. Elsa Reeve (verified owner)

    A great combination of education and environmental awareness.

  5. Suda Tanton (verified owner)

    Seamlessly integrates sustainability into the learning process. Holistic educational experience for kids.

  6. Reba Warsilli (verified owner)

    Very cleverly put together. Counting and spelling with a green touch.

  7. Andrew K (verified owner)

    More than just a learning resource; it’s a tool for nurturing young minds to become responsible and environmentally aware.

  8. Amanda Dawes (verified owner)

    A very comprehensive package. It encourages active participation from both parents and teachers to help kids spell, count and become environmentally responsible citizens.

  9. Nolan (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  10. Shari W (verified owner)

    Very easily understood by my two little ones. They look forward to doing the activities every day

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