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Sustainability Training
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Backyard In A Box assist early learners to understand the benefits of eco practices.

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Primary School

Backyard In A Box offers Primary Schools three unique learning outcomes.

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For Parents

Set up a sustainable oasis of your own in your backyard, courtyard or balcony.

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For Teachers

Our products have all been carefully designed to guide teachers on the learning path.

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Sustainable Education Resources

With over 170 learning experiences and extensions mapped to the EYLF, BBB and NQF, we strive to connect educators and students with the common goal – to learn and practice sustainability.
Our program assists with:

  • Building sustainability capacity in staff, families and communities
  • Classroom programming
  • Observations and reporting for children
  • Family and community engagement
  • Developing centre Policies and Procedures
  • Redefining Daily Routines
  • Staff orientation and induction

Sustainability resources & equipment delivered to your door.

Box Programs only or you can add the equipment.
Assessment & Rating coming up?

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Organic Gardening

Your health is your greatest asset, not your house as traditional rhetoric would lead you to believe. Grow delicious, vigorous, chemical free food and importantly experiment with foods that are beneficial to your body and its particular nuances. The one size fits all approach to health, well being, fitness is flawed. As a species we share commonalities but ultimately when it comes to health, you are unique and in life there are many, many shades of grey.

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Backyard Success

How one centre achieved excellence rating with the Backyard in a Box resources The dream of owning a childcare centre was hard fought but also very rewarding. As many peaks as I have had, so too have there been an equal number of pits. The deepest of these pits was transitioning from childcare into education […]


Tips to surviving Assessment and Rating

Here are some simple actions that will help you breeze through Assessment and Rating. Like most things in life, the more organised and prepared you are the better. Keep your Quality Improvement Plan up to date This is key to a smooth Assessment and Rating experience. Sure, day-to-day is crazy busy in centres but prioritising […]


10 Sustainability Hacks for Educators

Do you want fast, efficient ways to meet compliance with sustainability? The bad news is there is no fast way.  The good news is there are hacks and these have been developed in the Backyard in a Box series. What is a Hack? A hack is described as  a quick job, that produces what is […]

Get involved at home

Because every child deserves the best start in life.

Recognising the value of continuity for children, families and educators, Backyard In A Box has Community Resources and School Readiness Resources, in all 7 modules, available for purchase by families and community organisations.

We have special Backyard In A Box resources just for parents.