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Why Choose Us?

At Backyard in a Box, we're your partner on the path to a greener tomorrow. We make sustainability accessible to all, with user-friendly resources and step-by-step guidance.

Our library covers worm farming, gardening, and more, offering holistic eco-friendly solutions.

We prioritise real-world action, providing tips to reduce waste and conserve resources. Choosing us supports a sustainable world and connects you with like-minded individuals. We empower you with knowledge to grow your own food, reduce waste, and connect with nature at home.

Join us in transforming your home into an eco-friendly oasis.  Start your journey toward a sustainable, fulfilling, and environmentally responsible lifestyle today.

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Interactive Learning

Transform learning with hands-on sustainability projects. Ignite curiosity, foster eco-friendly habits, and make education an exciting adventure.

Simplified Sustainability

Ease the transition to greener living. Our resources simplify complex concepts, helping you seamlessly integrate eco-practices into daily routines.

Affordable Eco-Education

Quality sustainability education becomes easily accessible and affordable with our tools. Invest in the future without straining your budget. 

The best products ever!

"Revolutionized how I educate my children about sustainability. Its engaging visuals and interactive activities have captured their attention and inspired them to become eco-advocates.

These are very good a tools for shaping environmentally conscious individuals from an early age."

Jenny Martins

My kids love Backyard In A Box

"An eco-educational marvel!Thanks to these products,  Teaching sustainability to my children has become a joyous journey.

The interactive features and engaging content have made learning about the environment fun and impactful.

My children have responded so well."

Josh Samuel

Great way to begin your eco journey!

"These products are a game-changer in instilling sustainable values in my family.

The interactive lessons and real-life examples have sparked meaningful conversations and empowered us to make positive changes.These are invaluable tools for raising environmentally conscious children."

Georgie Dune

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What is Backyard In A Box, and how does it work?

Backyard in a Box is a comprehensive platform dedicated to sustainable living.

It works by providing individuals and families with easy access to digital resources and guidance on various aspects of eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Through our platform, you can learn about:

  • Worm farming, 
  • Food waste recycling, 
  • Organic gardening, 
  • Chicken-keeping.

We offer step-by-step instructions, videos, articles, and other materials to help you understand and implement these practices in your daily life.

Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, Backyard in a Box is your partner on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

What will I learn?

At Backyard in a Box, you will learn a wide range of sustainable living practices, including:

Worm Farming:

Discover how to set up and maintain a worm farm, turning kitchen scraps
into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

Food Waste Recycling: 

Learn effective methods to reduce food waste and turn it into
valuable resources through composting and recycling.

Organic Gardening: 

Get insights into cultivating your own chemical-free, homegrown
produce, and enjoy the satisfaction of fresh, healthy food.


Explore the world of raising chickens, from coop construction to caring for your feathered friends and enjoying fresh eggs.

Our resources are designed to cater to various experience levels, from beginners to those with more advanced knowledge.

What types of digital sustainability kits are available

Backyard in a Box offers a variety of digital sustainability kits, each focused on a specific aspect of sustainable living. 

These kits include:

Worm Farming Kit: 

This kit provides you with everything you need to start your own worm farm, including instructions, maintenance tips, and troubleshooting guidance.

Composting Kit:

Learn the art of composting with our comprehensive composting kit, which covers various methods and techniques for turning organic waste into rich compost.

Gardening Kit: 

Dive into the world of organic gardening with our gardening kit, offering tips on soil preparation, plant selection, and sustainable gardening practices.

Chicken-Keeping Kit: 

If you're interested in keeping chickens, our chicken-keeping kit will guide you through the process, from building a coop to caring for your feathered friends.

Composting Kit: 

Learn the art of composting with our comprehensive composting kit, which covers various methods and techniques for turning organic waste into rich compost.

This kit empowers you to reduce waste and enrich your soil through effective composting practices.

Each kit is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to implement sustainable practices in your own backyard or living space.